October 9, 2017 Shawn Sutton

BAIRICADE Cover Modernizes The FlexMET Seal

Sutton Industrial’s relentless pursuit of efficient kiln seal technology yields yet another breakthrough…

BAIRICADE is a weather and heat resistant cover that creates a sealing envelope around FlexMET, further enhancing the effectiveness of our flagship sealing system.  BAIRICADE is a custom manufactured cover that is held tightly in place using the existing mounting ring so no additional components are required.  The cover delivers a supplementary line of defense against fugitive air by providing an additional vapor and dust barrier which substantially lowers gas flow through an already efficient seal.

BAIRICADE has found success sealing critical air applications including biomass gassification and gold dust reclamation.  It will soon be put into service sealing carbon black ovens as well as a lime kiln.  Please see our page for further information on this revolutionary new product!

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  1. Ram

    We are sourcing seal for rotary pyrolysis furnace for conversion of waste plastic to hydrocarbon fuel. We are a company located in India. The furnace diameter is 2.5 meters and is indirect fired. The furnace shall be inclined at 1 degree and rpm is 5. The operating pressure slight positive ( 200 mm WC) and temperature at seal point is 600 C ( max) and 450 C ( normal).
    The sealing is required to be 100%.

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